Writing Outcomes and Using Blooms Taxonomy

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Bloom's taxonomy provides a framework of terms that help illustrate the various levels of critical thinking.  The levels range from simple recall to higher order  thinking.  Having a clear framework helps instructors organize objectives and outcomes and makes it easier to  align outcomes, assessments, and activities.  

A summary of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Blooms Wheel for Writing Measurable Outcomes 

Bloom's Verbs: Bloom's Wheel Linking Outcomes and Assessment

Here is an example of outcomes before and after they were revised to match course level and assessments:


Read the article on how Bloom's Taxonomy can be used to  Enhance Student Learning:

Biology in Bloom: Implementing Bloom's Taxonomy to Enhance Student Learning in Biology, Alison Crowe,Clarissa Dirks, and Mary Pat Wenderoth, doi: 10.1187/cbe.08-05-0024 CBE Life Sci Educ vol. 7 no. 4 368-381

 Download  the handouts below to   help you write your course or program outcomes using Bloom's taxonomy as a guide.

Blooms Planning Sheet     Bloom's helpful 100            Blooms and Multiple Intelligence

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