Why Change is Needed

Watch this video produced by ASM  on The State of the Nation: What we Know about Learning Biology, by Loretta Brancaccio-Taras, PULSE Fellow and the ASM Carski Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award Winner. 

Listen to President Barack Obama address this issue with the members of the National Academy of Sciences gathered at its annual meeting in 2009.


In 2001, there were a bit more than 4 million 9th graders. Four years later, 2.8 million of them graduated and 1.9 million went on to two- or four-year college; only 1.3 million were actually ready for college work. Fewer than 300,000 were majoring in STEM fields and only about 167,000 are expected to be STEM college graduates by 2011.

The data speaks for itself:
Loss of students post-freshman  in Biology
•80% underrepresented
•60% for all others
US needs 1 million new STEM degrees for the next decade to maintain global leadership (PCAST, 2012)

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