Online Workshop

This site provides you with information and resources that you can use to transform your lessons, courses, and  department using the principles provided in the Vision and Change document.   The information is presented in units that can be used as an online workshop or to develop face-to-face workshops. 

While you can work through each unit/ lessons on your own, you may find it beneficial to work with the faculty development / teaching and learning staff,  or departmental faculty leaders on your campus.  Resources such as Journal articles, PowerPoint presentations, and printable handouts are presented in most units. The main topics  are presented in the table below. Click on a topic to see the various units within each topic or visit the Index.


Currently these units address aspects of Goal #2:Focus on Student-Centered Learning and Goal #3: Promote a Campus-wide Commitment to Change of the Vision and Change document.  If you are interested in developing new units or contributing to an existing unit, please contact Sharon Gusky

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