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Lesson Basics (BOPPPS)

These are the basic elements of a student-centered learning lesson:

Bridge-in -- Why should someone learn this?

Outcome/objective – What do you want the student to learn?

Pre-test – Before the lesson, what does the student know about this outcome/objective?

Participatory learning – Is the lesson involving the students, making them active learners, interactive and participating?

Post-test – After the lesson, how do we measure what students have learned?

Summary – How is the lesson closed?

BOPPPS, the acronym for these elements, help you focus on student learning by making the purpose of the lesson clear, by assessing students’ prior knowledge, by engaging students in active learning, and by reinforcing what has been learned through summaries and assessments. BOPPPS works well with backward design models since it links the outcomes with assessments and activities.The  unit on Understanding by Design (backward design) will help you design a student-centered lesson/course which uses the same basic framework that links outcomes, assessments and activities.

Download these lesson plan sheets so that you can use them to create your lesson plans.

Lesson Plan Form A    Lesson Plan Form B      Lesson Plan Form C

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