PULSE Ambassador Program

The “Spreading the Pulse” working group of PULSE FELLOWS is focused on building multiple teams of PULSE Ambassadors (visitation teams) equipped with a V&C reform toolbox.  The role of the Ambassadors will be to meet with biology and life science  departments to facilitate discussions that will aid them in implementing recommendations found in the the Vision and Change Report (2011). The PULSE Ambassador Program is currently funded by an NSF EAGER grant (Award #1355771).    If you or your department might be interested in an Ambassadorial visit, please fill out the form below and use the "send inquiry" button at the bottom of the page to notify the Spreading the PULSE group of your interest. Thank you!





Institution Type (choose one):
2 Year College/University
Liberal Arts College
Regional/Comprehensive University
R1 University

Position (please choose one):
Tenured College/University Professor

Tenure Track Professor
Non-tenured Lecturer/Adjunct

Time Frame for prospective Ambasador team visit
< 6 months

6 months - 1 year
1 year - 2 years

How Did You First Learn of the PULSE Ambassador Program?

If conference/workshop or article, please specify:

Please use the space below to pose specific questions and to provide brief comments on your department, its faculty, its state of V&C implementation, and its perceived level of institutional support. You will be contacted with a more extensive questionaire and information about a prospective visit.



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