About the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education

VISION The PULSE Vision is an educated citizenry that routinely applies scientific knowledge, reasoning, and creative insight to address real-world challenges.            MISSION The PULSE Mission is to catalyze undergraduate life sciences departmental transformation, aligned with current education reform reports, including the Vision & Change Report (2011), leading to inclusive, student-centered, evidence-based teaching and learning to cultivate the development of scientists who reflect the diversity of American society.            AIMS The PULSE Aims are to:
1. create materials and programs that stimulate and support department reform and ongoing improvement;
2. propel organizational change by supporting departmental and institutional leaders who are effecting such change;
3. develop standards of excellence adaptable to the mission of each institution;
4. build regional networks for departments to share best practices across institutions of all types;
5. promote connections among national organizations with similar missions to broaden the impact of all.

The Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education incorporated as a non profit, 501c3 organization in April, 2016. PULSE originated in October, 2012 as an initiative launched by a group of program officers from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), and the National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS/NIH). This steering committee* convened a meeting of 40 Vision and Change Leadership Fellows that had demonstrated experience as change agents at Associate’s, Baccalaureate, Master’s and Doctoral/research universities.

These Fellows were charged with stimulating department-level implementation of Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education: A Call to Action (2011) in undergraduate institutions of all types across the U.S. 

Are you ready to help lead change in your department? Join PULSE as a PULSE Community member!

Benefits of membership include:

  • participating in Group discussions about department level change and pedagogical reforms;
  • access to all PULSE resources that can aid you in promoting change at your institution;
  • periodic updates on events and news relevant to the PULSE Mission.

The PULSE Community -- comprising dedicated faculty members just like you -- has launched several Initiatives to help departments adopt the recommendations of V&C including:

    Regional Networks, Institutes, and Workshops

    Pilot Recognition Program

    Resources for Departmental Self-assessment and Planning

   PULSE Ambassador Site Visits

The PULSE Fellows adopted a Dynamic Governance structure to promote collaboration, decision making, and progress toward our goals.

 *Thank you to our founders: NSFJudy Verbeke and Chuck Sullivan; HHMI David Asai and Cynthia Bauerle; NIGMS/NIH Shiva Sing and Shawn Drew Gaillard.

Here is the current list of PULSE Fellows:



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