Thanks to all that have joined this group.  Please share any strategies that you or your colleagues have implemented at your institution to provide research experiences in the traditional laboratory setting or to introduce an investigation component to the usual laboratory exercises.  Challenges that need to be addressed include class size, number of sections, opposition by some faculty members, administration support and budgetary constraints that may impede or slow down reform.  

Our experience at UPR-Cayey as part of the Science Education Alliance (SEA) has allowed us to demonstrate the effectiveness of substituting an almost ritualistic General Biology lab course for a genuine research activity.  We our now in the process of revising the lab component for all General Biology sections.  We have created a committee that will propose and test a series of activities with the idea of implementing them next year (Fall 2013).  We are framing our revisions using Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education's core concepts and competencies.  We have also continued our SEA course on mycobacteriophages beyond HHMI support, with institutional funds. 

We know a lot of interesting things are being done out there.  Let's share them.


Edwin Vázquez

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If you are an undergraduate life science educator, department chair, or administrator, we invite you to join PULSE and make your department a model of Vision and Change in undergraduate life science education!


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