"A look at what is PULSE-ing"

This Prezi presentation, created by Akif Uzman, can be used in two ways: (1) a traditional linear presentation where you use the arrows that appear when you move the cursor to the bottom of your screen; and (2) as a hypertext driven screen where you can pick and choose which elements you want to explore. 

To view the PULSE Prezi presentation first move your cursor to the middle-right hand portion of your screen.  You will see a menu appear with a home symbol and two symbols for zooming in and zooming out.  Click on the home symbol.  At this point you will see the whole presentation, at which point you can see how we see PULSE as an integrated set of activities along the bottom with a series of elements that provide a bit of history along the top. 

To start the linear presentation (1) move your cursor back to the bottom and begin by clicking the right arrow. You can go through the whole presentation click by click.  At the end, right-click you mouse and you will see a prompt to reset the presentation.

Alternatively, if you just want to focus on certain elements (2) then move you cursor to that element and click.  With each click the presentation will zoom into a PULSE square.  You can zoom back out by moving your cursor back to the middle right, right-clicking to see the zoom out option, or scroll you finger on you mouse wheel if you have one.

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