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PULSE Advisors are trusted and respected mentors from the community that are willing to help the Vision and Change Leadership Fellows by providing expertise, making introductions and providing wise council.

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SUSAN SINGER - Contact Susan

Looking for good resources on evidence-based practices and other information to support changing teaching? I can help. Interested in other efforts that are under way to transform undergraduate biology education, as well as undergraduate education in other sciences and engineering? Ask me to connect you. Looking for someone to listen as you brainstorm? I'm available.

DAVID RIBBLE - Contact David

As a Chair of a Biology Department at a primarily undergraduate institution, Shepherd of a science building complex, and someone who loves meddling in the trenches, I can provide strategic support for change based on my experiences.  I also have experience in designing interdisciplinary courses and curriculum, including meaningful assessment.

ERIN L. DOLAN - Contact Erin

As editor for CBE - Life Sciences Education and someone who studies biology teaching and learning, I can provide insights and advice from research on biology education, education reform, faculty and future faculty professional development, and organizational change. I can share resources from and facilitate communication with our Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences Network (CUREnet), which aims to support diverse faculty and institutions in integrating research experiences in their undergraduate biology courses. I have experience using evidence-based teaching strategies, such as case study teaching, problem based learning, course-based research, and formative assessment, in small and large enrollment introductory and and upper-level life science courses. I can help make connections within and across the scientific, science education research, and science teaching communities.

DAVID BRAKKE - Contact David

I am willing to help the Vision and Change Leadership Fellows in any way I can by making connections and serving as a resource.  Particular areas may be leadership development, curricular planning and review, assessment, designing new and renovated spaces in support of pedagogical practice and integrating research into the curriculum.

AMY CHANG - Contact Amy

I bring to the PULSE community 25 years of planning, managing, leading and sustaining undergraduate science programs.  Professional societies have a unique role in changing practices and beliefs.  Representing one of the largest life sciences professional societies, I bring to the community a national view of trends, opinions, and practices. I can help (i) disseminate your work for others to adopt and adapt (ii) sponsor workshops and other training that you may lead, (iii) celebrate and recognize your successes amongst disciplinary colleagues, (iv) identify mentors and sponsors that help advance your work, and (v) advise you at different stages of your planning.  In my experience, successful programs are dependent upon diverse partners coupled with a common vision, defined planning driven by an iterative process and continued improvements, sustained training with open communications, and passionate teams. I look forward to hearing from and working with the PULSE community.

JUDITH A. DILTS - Contact Judith

I am happy to help the Vision and Change Leadership Fellows as needed. I enjoy conversations about faculty career development, leadership development, curricular planning and review, and the design of undergraduate research programs — and about life in general.

DEBORAH E. ALLEN - Contact Deborah

Here are some ways that I think I could potentially help:

1) Identifying resources that document alternative ways to teach biology, particularly for strategies related to problem- and case-based learning in all types of courses. 2) Connecting to a network of biologists who are also faculty professional development professionals, with experience in motivating, fostering and supporting changes in STEM teaching across the career development continuum (grad student to full professor). 3) More generically, as a sounding board for ideas when an “outsider” perspective could help.

CATHRYN A. MANDUCA - Contact Cathryn 

I am pleased to help the Vision and Change Leadership Fellows.  As Director of the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) and leader of the InTeGrate and Cutting Edge projects I'm a good person to tap if you are thinking about how to build a community of educators that share information about their teaching (its successes and failures).  I've also been involved for over a decade in fostering geoscience education research and collaboration with the broader education and cognitive science research communities.  You can find information on all of these efforts on the SERC website (   As the Director of the National Association for Geoscience Teachers, an organization dominated by undergraduate faculty including those who are preparing the next generation of K-12 teachers, I'm your go to person if you want to meet geoscientists.  The geoscientists share a large number of challenges with the biologists from matth phobic students in their intro classes to teaching about evolution and deep time-- not to mention all of the environmental challenges that we face as a society.  Geoscientists are excited to build collaborations with biologists!

DIANE EBERT-MAY  - Contact Diane

Assessment - Assessment - Assessment 

Data drives science -- Data should drive undergraduate instruction. I am happy to advise about assessment of student learning in any way, shape or form. For example,

  • aligning assessments with objectives for both competencies and concepts
  • instructional design that prepares students to achieve desired objectives in a learner-centered classroom
  • alternate forms of assessment for large (and small) enrollment courses – e.g., models, arguments
  • rubrics – how to develop and use efficiently

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