I thought it would be useful and interesting for everyone to see where all the Pulse members are. I have mapped this and if you follow this link, you can easily visualise other members who may be near to you.


I'll update this in the summer so that we can see how the network grows.

Let me know if you can see any interesting patterns or possible connections

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Hi! I just took a look at the map and eagerly looked to see who from the PULSE community was near me, but I think there are cases where something is not translating correctly from the data to the map. For example, the following 4 people showed up as being located in Centreville, VA: Aditi Pai, Bill Wood, Gili Marbach-Ad, and Kathleen Siwicki -- but based upon their institution locations, they are all out of state. Cody Edwards is at GMU, and does show as being located in Fairfax, which is accurate. And others show up accurately... so perhaps there's a small glitch that needs a tech-tweak?


Thanks Susan,

Must be my 2000 year old computer :-) This is really useful to know; most likely, it is because the data is based on IP addresses and there is not always perfect mapping of the IP address to a geographical location.

I tried doing this using real addresses, but sadly, the majority of members have not included postal addresses. I will see if I can run another algorithm and do a tech-tweak


This is very useful, thank you.  

Very cool.  But I will report another mapping problem.  The map shows Kristin Jenkins of BioQuest at the University of Notre Dame, but not my name, Kristin Lewis.  Perhaps the two Kristin's were switched somehow.   Kristin Jenkins if you are really at ND and we haven't met then shame on all of us! :)

Kristin Lewis - You're somehow mapped to Santa Cruz, California, while I am mapped to Indiana although I'm at UC Santa Cruz!  Somehow you and I were switched, perhaps due to our shared first name!  You can search for your name at the top right.  

Its cold and snowy here.  I'd rather be in Santa Cruz!  :)

Just came back from snowy Minnesota, so I don't think I'll return the favor!  Just looked up your profile on the Notre Dame website - sounds like you're doing some really interesting work in bio ed.  I'm finishing up my dissertation, with a chapter in bio education research on integrating math into ecology ed, and applying for bio ed & teaching postdocs if you know of any opportunities.

Very interesting geography, IP addresses notwithstanding.  The only pattern I see after a short look is that the area covered by the Louisiana Purchase seems under represented compared to the region corresponding to the 1783 Treaty of Paris.  This can't just be due to the twenty years or so between them (1803 vs 1783) since the area of the Mexican Cessation, at least the western bits, also seem well represented.  Interesting.  Perhaps, the subject of a PhD thesis... "territorial expansion patterns in the USA and their lingering impacts on undergraduate science education".

Thanks for the graphic!

It will likely be useful for local networking even if the influences of treaties are obscure.


This is potentially a great resource(!), though there seem to be multiple errors. For example, in Thousand Oaks, CA, it lists David Lynn of Emory University in Georgia, and not me, David Marcey of CLU in Thousand Oaks.

This is a nice effort to help us connect. Thanks. There is some correct info. The University of Georgia people listed are, indeed, from the University of Georgia. But I (and maybe others) are missing from The University of Georgia portion of the map. I'm here everyone - for those of you nearby.

Paula Lemons, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology



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