On Friday, February 8th at 2:00pm Eastern Time, join Taking the PULSE for a live webinar update. Thomas P. Jack, Kathryn Miller and Kate Marley will be briefing you on progress and taking your questions, input and feedback.

Simply reply to this discussion below with your questions and input. We'll cover as much as possible during the webinar, and the discussion can continue here after that.

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i agree, i also think the self evaluation aspect will be great.  we hope to pilot the rubrics at a few places first and then be able to point to those places as we begin to go more 'public.'.  We will be looking for places who would like to help this pilot soon.

We also are working on teaming up with other organizations to put some weight behind this.  There are a number of other efforts underway and we may be able to combine forces.  The AAU is beginning a pilot for V&C adoption, for example.  And as Pam Pape-Lindstrom says in another post here - there is hope to tie this to funding in some manner.  

Thanks to the three of you and your group on this recognition system.  I often find myself asking what evidence I have to support the hypothesis that the approaches I am developing in my courses are effective in preparing students for their future professions.  This necessarily ties in to the environment that I work in.  I think it will become increasingly important for individuals, departments, and institutions to be able to critically evaluate "success" in higher education and to show intentionality in the approaches undertaken.  At the same time, I agree that it's important to allow institutions to create their own portfolio of excellence.  So while those recognized as being excellent in their adoption of V&C recommendations might all have key principles in common, I'm gathering that there could be a number of other aspects that distinguish them.  I really like this because I think it promotes synergy among institutions and catalyzes implementation of creative solutions toward these larger aims.  I'm looking forward to keeping up with the groups' activities.

Tessa, Yes, I would agree that each institution will have its own areas of excellence.  And one of the rubrics that we are working on actually has a category for "innovation--activities not accounted for elsewhere in the rubric".  So we are hoping to actively encourage departments to innovate and plan to include credit or "points" in the recognition process for an institution's unique approaches to teaching and learning.



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