On Friday, February 8th at 2:00pm Eastern Time, join Taking the PULSE for a live webinar update. Thomas P. Jack, Kathryn Miller and Kate Marley will be briefing you on progress and taking your questions, input and feedback.

Simply reply to this discussion below with your questions and input. We'll cover as much as possible during the webinar, and the discussion can continue here after that.

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I'm looking forward to this event! Will the video and Q&A be available afterwards for those who are interested in what is shared and discussed, but unable to participate in real-time?


Absolutely! Both the video and discussion will be on this page following the webinar.

Terrific, thanks Costa.

Dear Team members

I am looking forward for the webinar video as i am from India so it will be night time for me but trying to attend the real webinar so that i can put my questions and suggestions in front of team members.


Best Wishes

Sunita Yadav

Senior Research Fellow

Indian Institute of Technology

Kharagpur, WB,721302

I'm interested in hearing about efforts to connect Vision & Change progress with the work of other like-minded initiatives, and whether leaders encourage involvement by other non-biology sectors of STEM.

jenny, i am not sure we really answered your question.  Some of the working groups are focussing more on connections to other efforts both in life sciences and in other STEM disciplines.  we are assembling a lot of information and hoping to find ways to inform and collaborate.  is that more what you are interested in?  if you have particular efforts in mind, let us know.

I'll be closely following the work of all the V&C groups, since my question seems to span several of them. It was terrific to hear that you hope that the rubric your group develops will be a model for departments across STEM. Thanks, Kathy, Tom, and Kate for a really informative update.

Many community college faculty do not have a formal tenure and promotion system. How does your criteria for faculty development address regular evaluations outside the traditional tenure system?

Thanks for the response. I will be interested in hearing how this piece is modified. Is there a plan to share modifications?

we will have a draft rubric to circulate later this spring, then will iteratively modify as people react, test, etc.  feedback on language and the criteria will be critical.

Just a technical/operational question regarding evaluation of the teacher/professor (this could be applied to any of your ranking systems). Having an exceptional teacher or an exceptional department does not necessarily bring along the college. That is, extensive evaluations often require the Dean and college level support. How would a biology department rank if it excelled at all but couldn't get the college to change its evaluation system?

Thanks for your work!

Just a thought.  If the rubric system was additive instead of rank based it would allow a department to rank much higher because it was doing seven of the eight options as opposed to being stopped at option two because they did not comply with the option #2 requirement in the rubric. 

If you look at the rough draft for the rubric on faculty evaluation for tenure, if the Dean/college is not interested in expanding the evaluation process the whole departments rank stops at 1.  But a good department can get around that by introducing its own peer review #2, evaluate student outcomes #3 and so on.  So our department would rank 1 on your rubric but we could easily get to 3 within the department. 

This is not really a question but more of a thought.




If you are an undergraduate life science educator, department chair, or administrator, we invite you to join PULSE and make your department a model of Vision and Change in undergraduate life science education!


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