On Friday, March 8th at 3:00pm Eastern Time, join Raising the PULSE for a live webinar update. Richard Cardullo, April Hill and Bill Davis will be briefing you on progress and taking your questions, input and feedback.

Simply reply to this discussion below with your questions and input. We'll cover as much as possible during the webinar, and the discussion can continue here after that.

A little bit of technical trouble from 5:00 to 11:30 : ) Feel free to skip through that section.

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Yeah! Excited to see ASMCUE (Denver) www.asmcue.org on there! Looking forward to hosting the PULSE group and to talking more about the future of departmental change!  Join us!

I did not catch the web site for Macademia...I found one (http://macademia.macalester.edu/Macademia/) but do not see the nifty demo you showed.  I'd rather look at that before signing up, if possible.

For what it's worth, I liked your ideas about using the map format to display success stories.  That could be useful.  I think it will need some level of ongoing curating, however, if it is to be successful over time.

Regarding format for the documentary: You may wish to consider sort of aligning the videos with stages in change theory.  What I mean is that a department that is not acknowledging the need for any change needs a different video that one that is in the process of deciding how/what change is needed, those that are needing to sustain changes they have made needs something different yet again.

thanks for your efforts


I like Bruce's idea of organizing the video as a tool for institutional self-assessment as they move along the pathway toward transformation.  I imagine such a format might make this resource especially of use to institutions involved in the process of strategic planning or accreditation.

Brilliant! This was exciting to see. I test drove the Macademia site by signing up. Toying with it with myself embedded in there, it is easy to see the power of this tool first hand, so to speak.

Really exciting developments - I love the idea to create a network of the V&C community!  The map can be useful for identifying resources and people locally as faculty and institutions progress in their actions!



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