The most concrete thing that could help me in my courses is to have for each course type a resource center.  I want specifics of undergraduate research projects that have worked in specific courses.  I want active learning exercises that specifically address the needs of specific courses.  I want labs that work well for specific types of learning outcomes.  I want recommendations for freely available textbooks for courses.  Unfortunately so much is available that you could spend all of your time evaluating resources.  It would be great if we had a repository for the best of the best of those resources.  

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I agree, Kim. Maybe something like an online journal that came out monthly and  that just had reviews of teaching resources by category with a searchable database. I was thinking maybe something along the lines of The Teaching Professor but just about  resources for  teaching undergraduate biology students.

have you tried Zotero?

Hi Mary,

No, I never heard of it before . I looks like a useful way to collect and share information. I will pass this helpful tip onto  the  fellows group that is working on a tool-box of resources.

Thank you,


Dear Kim,

One of the goals of the Faculty Networks working group is to develop an online "toolbox" of resources.  In the coming weeks and months, we will be seeking input from community about priorities, and your comments are very helpful.  One of the discussion topics for that group will be, "What resource(s) would have the greatest impact in your department or institution?"   We welcome your continued input. 



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